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6025 Commerce, Suite 545
Irving, TX 75063
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Muntech Brands

Muntech brings products to consumers through retail and distribution partners spanning brick and mortar, e-commerce and marketplace sales. We bring innovative products to market in Pet Care and Grooming, Natural Flea and Tick Control, Home furnishings and the swimming pool market.


The Natural Chemistry Brand in Pet & Home Care
For over 20 years Natural Chemistry has taken great pride in researching and developing technologies that provide your pet with products that provide the same quality of care we would want for ourselves. While we started out small with products that were primarily naturally based enzymes we have now grown to provide a full line of pet and home care products. These products include features that will:

Kill fleas, ticks and mites on pets and in their environments
Remove stains caused by urine, vomit, feces, and much more
Remove odors from pets and around the home
Provide gentle and relaxing bathing experiences
We encourage you to read all about our products and programs, and motivate you to take advantage of the benefits our products provide.

Our Mission
Our purpose at Muntech is to continue this tradition and to enhance the lives of everyone we touch. We are constantly developing thoughtful, sensible solutions that focus both on the environment and the best interests of commerce and the consumer.

Through creative innovation and an energetic response to any challenge, we will continue to forge new pathways to provide only the best in product choices for the marketplace. We will always maintain our culture of family based values as the dominant guiding force in the relationships we develop on our journey. Through this approach we strive to enrich the moments in life that mean the most to all and create a meaningful legacy.

Muntech strives through its Natural Chemistry Pet and Home brand to:

Provide naturally based solutions to common problems
Make our products quick and easy to implement
Provide treatments for specific problems
Provide a wide variety of products to cater to many different needs
And overall, improve the lives of your pets and family!


Fresh Futon was created in 2010 to spread KARUP designs globally, which was founded in 1972 by the entrepreneur Preben Christensen. Packed with ideas of how to change the way of producing furniture, he started out in an old farm house. As one of the first producers in Europe of knock-down furniture, the business grew rapidly, and soon he had to find new and more efficient locations for the factory. The production was relocated to the city of Karup, right in the centre of Denmark.

In beginning of the 80’s, Preben discovered the Hippie-type futon frame in America, and believed there was also a market for this type of furniture in Europe, and that’s how the first series-production of futon frames came alive in Europe.

Today, second generation of the family has taken over the management of the company still believing in enhancing lives by bringing Good Design to as many people as possible; from space-saving futons that are sofa by day and bed by night to versatile furniture that are both comfortable and functional. Fresh Futon and Karup believe Good Design should be innovative, functional, aesthetic, affordable, and environmentally-conscious.


FLOLight is the Light with no wires. The perfect aftermarket solution to light an in ground or above ground pool. Simple remove the existing pool return and thread in the FLOLight. Running off the existing water pressure of the pool, uses the existing energy of your pool! Lens cover kits and our FLORight flow adjuster also available.